A major version update of LunaSolCal for Android has just been released.

New features:

  • New UI with Android 4.0 look and feel
  • Added monthly view for sun and moon
  • Added difference in day length from previous day
  • Added setting for choosing the format of the geo coordinates (Degrees/Minutes/Seconds, Degrees/Minutes, Degrees)
  • Added setting for choosing the format of the equation of time value
  • Added time and date of solstices (June, December) and equinoxes (March, September)
  • Added landscape support
  • Added tablet support
  • Added Twitter and Facebook integration

The app requires permission to access the internet for publishing information on Twitter or Facebook.
However it can still be operated while the device is offline.

This is the new overview screen on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus:
Overview screen on a Galaxy Nexus

There are also new layouts specifically tailored to tablet devices:
Overview screen on a tablet device